A Bundle of Joy (and Sorrow)

This is unscheduled and off the cuff, and not what I’d planned to discuss (see the original blog below). I woke up this morning and read the news; then caught up on the “I’m safe” tags from my cousin and other friends and family in the UK. While the past two weeks have been busy, I don’t exist in a bubble of grimacing-delusion where I can pretend as if horrible things aren’t happening elsewhere. More terror attacks. Even as a writer, language fails me, somewhat. I feel I can’t offer much more than what has already been said. I feel as if so many sentiments and outpourings get lost in the storms of emotion manifesting around these events. These events are universally distressing, an ache to the World’s heart, and an attack on all forms of progressive governing. Whether you lean right, left, or fall in the middle, there’s no question of the immoral, inhuman nature of these crimes. And yet, they are done by humans: hateful, angry, violent persons who have found an outlet for their rage. That’s the part with which I most struggle.

My immediate response is retaliation. I’m a vengeful person, who has been affected by violence before, and that’s just where I go. I know that isn’t the right or humanitarian response. Perhaps I’ve been warped by the admonishments of the bible: tooth for tooth, an eye-for-an-eye. However, Old Testament justice brings with it Old Testament ramifications: floods, disasters to cleanse the Earth. I admire the British people for continuing to hold their heads high, to carry on with their electoral process, and for the grit they’re showing in their trials. There’s a bit of Menosian iron in them for sure. I’d like to believe Canada will (and I say will, as the chance is increasingly likely) show the same united spirit as the nation from whom we splintered when our attack comes. Likewise do I admire the spirit of other European nations: France and Germany, both have suffered terror attacks, both have leaders and people denouncing terror while declining protectionism.

I mean: can love win? That’s the question. I believe it can, but love (the result) isn’t going to be won without strife. I imagine this is the challenge facing modern leaders: how do you protect and cultivate free society without minimizing exposure to external cultures and trade? You can’t, really. The gates are open and everything comes in, including the shit. Just like attempting to ‘correct’ misogyny, we have to change the minds of these persons that have given themselves to hate by bringing them into places of kindness, learning and reformation–the ones that can be reformed that is, and none so far gone as the terrorists we’ve seen. And, yes, those who can’t adapt need to be removed from societydraw what emphasis from that you will. We’re looking at a generational battle, and not one won through a few decisive measures or motions. One day, in our children’s children era, philanthropy and education may have watered down the hate. Or, and sadly, we’ve just ruined ourselves, our planet, our oceans and everything else by the time we’ve figured out that sustainability is the only war humans should have ever fought.

I always joke with my partner that it would take some kind of catastrophic global event to force humankind to refocus its priorities: alien invasion, demonic uprising, meteorite the size of Kansas. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that. But at the same time, if an immanent doomsday event were to have the side-effect of bringing about world peace, that would be at least a simpler terror to face. And we would do it together (after the rioting and fear ran it’s course–God, we’re such a fucking mess of a species).

My thoughts, prayers and hope are with my neighbours across the ocean. Let’s try and do as much as we can, for this generational step, in cleansing our world of hate. Who knows, maybe the next generation will be the one of which I dream.

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Jupiter has arrived! I’ll be keeping things brief today, since I can barely keep my eyes off him and he and Persey are still adjusting. He has the tiniest cough, too, which the vet assured us is nothing, and which I believe is his first hairball (sounds just like Persey when she get’s the occasional one). I’m such a worrisome pet-parent. We’re still rather fragile after Zeus, I guess, and afraid of anything that could go wrong. But having a new kitten–that energy, unconditional joy and love–is a good and needed rocking of the cradle. Persey is so much happier, too! We weren’t sure how she would react, given her erratic moods and territorial behaviour. Even if there was a bit of hissing to start, they had each claimed a side of the bed last night and they’re comfortable around each other today. Perhaps, and most noticeably, she didn’t once cry out in sorrow as she has been.

Since I’ve had such a good turn of fortune, it’s time to recycle some of that energy…Drumroll! Fireworks! The NEWSLETTER! Omg, it’s happening. I’ve been amazed at how many people have signed up. Like, I went from under ten subscribers to almost one hundred in a week, and climbing. To paraphrase Alastair: you keep pushing ahead and something’s bound to happen! Often success is predicated upon plenty of failure. It’s tinkering until you find the right format; everyone seems to love the new site and content delivery. If you haven’t yet signed up and want to enter in the contest and access the Members’ section, here’s another chance before the newsletter is sent tonight (in about three hours).

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–C, J, J, P
(“Christian, Justin, Jupiter and Persey”–the Lewis-Browns. We played with Brown-Lewis, but that sounds like something nasty that experimental teens get up to, so we settled on the former.)

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