A Life in Pictures

What a week. I’m still processing, and I’ll have my thoughts, then later reactions composed on the onslaught of issues we’re facing…Political chaos, riots, and, recently, the departure of a great poet and performer. As this week wound to a close, I settled into a melancholy reflection of Mr. Cohen’s life and passing. I found myself going over his early songs–stories, really. He’s definitely a storytelling musician; there’s not much without depth and visual puissance to his words. Leonard had a graceful passing; he was a poet till the end, he had an almost zen-like acceptance–woven through his songs and psyche–of life’s ephemerality and of his inevitable journey. He loved life; he wasn’t afraid of death. He was made for music and storytelling. He was an artist lucky enough to be appreciated during his career.

Reminiscing on Leonard soon led me to dig though my past, my stories, and to relive the highs and lows of that experience. Now Leonard had his muses (even a true inspiration and love). Likewise, I have mine. Only one of mine is romantic, the rest are professional/ amiable relationships. One fellow artist who’s been a fixture, a muse to me is a gent from Italy named Leo (aka “Leo Black”).

As my career has matured, so too, has this man’s craft, and each piece he does–in my eyes–seems better than the one before; pushing me, inspiring me with visions of my world. I wish I could show you what he’s working on now; all I can say is that it’s breathtaking. Still, I don’t want to wait until it’s time for a eulogy to express how amazing this man’s work is. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the story of Leo’s professional contributions to my world; from the first piece, through my favourites, to some of the most recent.

May he continue to create, inspire, and have a life as rich as Mr. Cohen’s. Yes, I could have blogged about all those dreadful things that we can’t avoid or ignore, and which pressure us to madness. But it’s good to take a pause from what darkens us and to behold something bright and beautiful. I hope these images give you the rush of the creativity and imagination that will propel you into better spaces–mentally, spiritually–where you can face those challenges without fear. That’s the purpose of art: to inspire. And inspiration is the catalyst for change, movement and (peaceful) mobilization.

The first image I asked Leo to create.

The first image I ever asked Leo to create.



Here’s Gloriatrix in all her cruel majesty. We were still figuring out characters, style and aesthetics. (I’m going to have Leo do a refresh on this image.)


Here, Leo really hit his stride in capturing the characters. His development was pretty explosive from here on out.

Now you can see Leo really hiting his stride with my characters. His development was exponential from here on out.


Wow...The day I saw my characters as they'd always been in my mind.

“Breathless” is the name of the image, and it was how I felt when he first revealed it.



Leo’s later pieces exploded and experimented with color, vivid cinematography and extraordinary backdrops…

And finally, he crossed the uncanny valley and peered into the very fabric of my imagination to conjure forth these masterpieces…

I’m thrilled to see how his talent develops and what new wonders he has in store for all of us in another two years. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Leo.

All the best,


Magnus, the Wanderer

Magnus, the Wanderer


P.S. Of course, this is only a sampler of the man’s genius. For more, check out the Gallery or Leo’s Deviant Art profile