Another Candle…

Though I don’t eat cake; guess I’ll put it on a ketogenic nut-wafer or something. Tomorrow I’ll be thirty-nine. Honestly, I feel as if my life has only begun. Sure, I’m getting creakier, and finding little aches here and there. I certainly can’t hold a drink like I used to (and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been ‘dry’ for over a year now).

Reflecting over the last twelve months, I’ve accomplished a lot: drafted two books, revamped the website, launched a bunch of new initiatives (Creative Collective) and campaigns. And that’s just on the business/ creative side of things. On the personal front, I lost a furred companion, and gained another. We purchased a new home. I tackled with the CRA and won. (Authors, make sure you do proper book-keeping–will save your ass one day.) I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. Which is the lesson with which Cynthia (my mother) left me: always grow, always change, never stagnate.

What’s on the agenda for the next twelve months? Well, you’ll be getting Feast of Darkness Part I, within the next six, for sure. With Feast of Darkness Part II, to follow shortly. I’m thinking March/ December, respectively. Obviously everything has been somewhat delayed since I’m dealing with twice the workload. Still, I’ll be moving into a new home next summer, so I need to have both volumes wrapped up for publication beforehand. Look for some readings here in Toronto, and swing by if you’d like to hear my dulcet (hopefully) oration on all things Geadhain. Beyond that, stay tuned! I have a special project I’d like to work on with Leo, and on that note, here’s his latest. Because it wouldn’t be a proper birthday celebration without giving something back to the people (readers) who have given their time to me and my world. Our world. Here’s a glimpse of a scene long awaited, and found in the fourth and upcoming book: a confrontation between Brutus and the Wolf.

It’s as epic and thunderous a battle as you’d expect. And still not the end. But we’re at the end of the blog, as I’ve b-day events awaiting me (hubby is away next week so the festivities are today). Happy birthday to me, and happy birthday to you, too. We’re on this crazy-train together now, and there’s no getting off.

All my love,

P.S. If you’re determined to get me a gift, a review of Fates/ Dreams/ Chaos on Amazon or Goodreads would be just lovely!