At Last

Finally, it has arrived! I’ll be starting (hopefully finishing, too) my Feast of Chaos galley read next week, and sending out pre-release copies shortly after. Foregoing any major unexpected setbacks, we’re looking good for a late August release. The marketing folks also sent me the jacket text and “pitch line”, so I’ll be sharing those with you for today’s blog. I’ve spoiler tagged the aforementioned blurb and text, and I wouldn’t recommend clicking on either unless you’ve read all of Feast of Dreams.

What I like about the synopsis, is how well the editors broke down this part of the tale, which is about doubt and redemption. I’ve said this before, but this is a darker book—in mood and tone (not really in content). However, it’s also one where you’ll see people try their damndest to make an intractable, unfair world better. Lila did some pretty terrible things in Feast of Dreams, and her reasons for doing so were muddied by the violent dissolution of her thousand-year blissful marriage; a torment further manipulated by forces from beyond. Is she a war hero for what she did? Or a genocidal madwoman? Depends on which frontline you stand. Still, you can’t do something like what she did and not examine your humanity, and Lila asks these same questions of herself, too.

Likewise, does Morigan come down from the near-immortal high she’s been racing on after her blood-union with the Wolf, and since the development of her almost Godlike supernatural powers. She’s neglected her human side—how we can be weak, prideful and blind—and because of that, she has some tough lessons she’s going to learn in this book. Two of the series’ most powerful women come face to face with their weaknesses and faults; they emerge stronger, having passed through that gauntlet.

Anyway, enough of my wind-baggery, here you are: the blurb and the synopsis. Next week, stay tuned for some excerpts. Oh, and to further entice you back into the world of Geadhain, I’ll leave you with another piece from Mr. Leo Black. This one is called: The Spellsong.

The Spellsong, Beauregard

The Spellsong, Beauregard

To save their world, Morigan and her companions set off for Pandemonia, a land of death, destruction, and ancient power. Will its secrets help them finally defeat the Black Queen?

Menos has been destroyed. No corner of the realm of Geadhain is safe from the Black Queen’s hunger. Zionae—or the Great Dreamer, as she has been called in ancient tongues—has a thirst that cannot be quenched until all of Geadhain burns and bleeds. She preys on the minds of weak men and exploits human folly for an unhuman end. She cannot be defeated in her current state, but the answer to her downfall may lie in the land of her past.

It is with this aim that a Daughter of Fate, Morigan, and her brave and true companions venture to the mysterious Pandemonia, the land of chaos itself. Ancient secrets and even older power lurk in its swamps and deserts. Life itself becomes uncertain, but the Hunters of Fate have no choice: Pandemonia must give up its secrets if they want to find the Black Queen’s weakness.

Elsewhere in the realm, alliances form and break. Dead men rise and heroes fall. Eod prepares for war. In hiding, Lila, the bearer of its destruction, will be given a chance to atone and answer for her share of sins. Will her actions save Eod, or has she damned it with her crimes?


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