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April 5, 2019, by Christian A. Brown

I’ve been quite busy lately: training, modelling, working on the final manuscript and now columnizing (not a word, but still!). Check out my latest work in Shelf Magazine. And pick up your copy today! All my Love, —C

Welcome to 2019

January 1, 2019, by Christian A. Brown

Hi folks. I realize it’s been a while since last we chatted, as 2018 decided to derail in the final couple months of the year. We had a number of upheavals in our household, which have since settled, though due to other commitments I was unable to main…

Diablo M: What a Mess

November 4, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Today’s vlog, on the Diablo M fiasco! All my love, —C

Cab Lit: Villainy

October 28, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Today we’re going to talk about villains—why they’re so wonderful and horrible! All my love, —C


October 21, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Well, I’m at the halfway point in the draft with plenty of time to spare and there are a number of things that require my attention, which aren’t happening on Geadhain. So…I’m on vacation (sort of). I’m going to be disconnected from social media for…

Keto Brownies!

October 14, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Short and sweet post today (well the video is longish, but the subject matter literally is sweet): Keto brownies! All my love, —C

Welcome to the Family!

October 7, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

This week I got to squeeze in a bit of time with my new PS4 Pro! Check out my impressions of the new model, here: All my love, —C

Happy Hundredth!

September 30, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

…Review, that is! I’m not celebrating my centarianship—though I certainly hope to one day. In the four years since Feast of Fates has launched, I’ve been blessed with a tremendously kind, growing readership. I mean, perseverance is the key to success…

September Tidings

September 23, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Oh my, it’s been a good six months since our last newsletter! But that’s only because I’ve been stockpiling up all the amazing reveals and surprises till now! The biggest surprise—if you haven’t been paying attention—is that Feast of Darkness, Part I r…

The End of the World…

September 16, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

…begins at the far end of the world. Throughout the world of Geadhain, for mortals, Immortals, and Dreamers alike, the tides of war have ebbed and flowed for eons. For Morigan and Caenith and their courageous companions, that tide has become a tsunam…