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The Iron Mind

June 7, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

SPOILER ALERT (for those who have not yet completed Feast of Fates). While reading the Feast of Dreams proof this week, I came across one of my favorite scenes. It’s not particularly action-filled, though it does have a sinister drama. We get another g…

The Fall

Return to Geadhain

May 31, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

We’re almost there folks… I don’t have an exact date, however, Feast of Dreams will release soon. We’re hoping for a full roll-out into retail, digital, and online markets. Enough of that boring logistical stuff. It’s almost time to live, love, cry a…

The Summerlands

Mirror World

May 24, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

We live in a global society. I’ve known this for a while, however, not until recently did I notice how much this paradigm shift has affected my life. We—human beings—are not as distant as the miles and cultural rifts suggest. We are, in fact, interconn…

How to Be Happy

May 17, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

I had an interesting conversation with someone close to me on Friday. They said something like: “I feel that you have gone one way after Cynthia’s death—that you’ve really embraced the sadness and change of her passing and made something out of it—whil…

Penny Dreadful

The Best Kind of Infection (Love)

May 10, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

NOTE: This blog was just picked up by The Mary Sue! An extended version can be found, here. Mother’s Day. A bit of a mixed affair for me, since what’s left of my mother—physically—rests in an urn. I don’t find that grisly, having the dead around. I mea…

What Never Fades

May 3, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

What an amazing week. I had a TV appearance on Kitchener’s Daytime show, with Susan Cook-Scheerer. She’s a fantastic host, and it was a pleasure getting a chance to speak with her. Once you get over the jitters that come with live-appearances, they’re…

Writers Write

April 26, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Per…

War of the Immortals

Portraying Evil

April 19, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

Recently, I had a lovely blogger review that praised many aspects of Feast of Fates. On that list—and what stuck with me the most—were the reader’s commendations toward some of the darker material in my book. Life is composed of many shades and colors:…

Unconditional Furry Love

April 12, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

I’m not blogging about this:   What people choose to do with their imaginations and free time is entirely up to them. I’d like to talk about another type of “furry love”: the bond between people and animals. Yesterday was National Pet Day, and nat…

Witchkaskitmistwa: the Night Unicorn

April 5, 2015, by Christian A. Brown

  From the journal of Talwyn Blackmore  Threesday, 15th, 1798 AE I’m not sure what I was thinking in coming to Riverton. I suppose a stark change from the grim Isles of Terrotak and their cannibalistic maidens was due. Riverton seemed the nearest,…