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Fit At 40

August 13, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

In today’s video I’ll be talking about the big FOUR ZERO and how I’ve prepared for it—body and mind. Enjoy! All my love, —C

On Romance

August 5, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Hello my darlings, and welcome to the first episode of “CAB Lit”, where I’ll be chatting about aspects of the craft. Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on romance—and some anecdotes on feminism and female heroes—and its place in epic fantasy, as well as…

Remember Them

July 29, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

A well of anger and fear exists inside the hearts of many young men today, and we Torontonians were witness—and victim—to that deplorability this week with another mass and fatal act of domestic terrorism. Unlike the last killer, this one’s motives rem…

ESO: Summerset Review

July 22, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Beautiful, Almost Epic, Ultimately Forgettable Hello, and welcome to my review of ESO’s Summerset Chapter. Now Summerset was one of the worst kept secrets in the ESO fanverse: the datamine for assets, the new Psijic skill line and even the plot were al…

The Consequences of Talking

July 15, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Being in the public eye—to however large or small a degree—carries with it consequence. What you say has reach, and that reach can take you to exciting or terrible places. A renowned game writer was summarily fired this week for engaging in a Twitter s…

Idle Hands

July 8, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

During my ‘downtime’ between novels, I usually recuperate my mental resources and focus on other activities for a while: exercise, meditation, reading, gaming (which I find relaxing—escapism into someone else’s world for a change!). I don’t brainstorm…

Happy Canada Day—and Other Tidings

July 1, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Happy Canada day, to those of you celebrating. I won’t keep you from your long weekend festivities beyond a few announcements. Most important of which: Feast of Darkness, Part I will be released on September 25th, 2018. I wanted to release it on my bir…

Wake Up

June 24, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

I’ve been so busy with the manuscript(s) lately that I haven’t been commenting on the news. A lot has happened: a divisive election here in Ontario, the escalated fracturing of culture in the US, the destruction of decades of advancement in globalizati…

Busy Bee

June 17, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Hello my dears. Not much time to chat today as we’re moving. However, I haven’t missed a Sunday blog in years and I don’t intend to break that tradition. So, in no order of importance: Happy Father’s Day to you dads out there, the manuscript’s final dr…

The Pale Lady

June 10, 2018, by Christian A. Brown

Death is one of the many themes explored in Feasts: our race against the clock, our fight to find meaning in loss, our courage to move on. In Feast of Darkness, Part I, we see the climax of the battle against Death herself, come to Geadhain to teach hu…