Beauty, Joy and Laughter

You’ve probably played this game before: friend him (or her), marry him, bed him. It’s a common party game, where you gaze about the room or into your imagination and pick who you would, ideally, choose for each of the aforementioned outcomes. Well we’re not going to play many of its common varieties, which don’t have options as innocent as “friend” or “bed”. Instead, we’ll play the cheeriest version of that game: here’s what the week brought for me that was, respectively, beautiful, joyous and funny.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s Leo’s latest and the new ‘iconic’ image for Morigan and the Wolf’s tale (click to expand).


Wow. And it’s not even about how lovely the bloodmates look. It’s about the light, the faux-realism, the birds fluttering through the mist, even the care given to the expressions on their faces is exquisite and flawlessly befitting of their characters. It’s been terrific working with Leo, and I let him know that often. It’s rare that independent artists in different fields manage to connect through chance (I was browsing Deviantart) and thereafter collaborate for years on a library of creative works–the creative work of my career so far. I’ve watched him grow and push his creative boundaries and techniques while I was still (and always will be) developing my craft. I’m really grateful to have met him, despite his being an ocean away in Italy! Here’s to another many more years of  collaborative wonders from Geadhain and beyond.


Something else happened this week: the editorial reviews for Feast of Chaos started trickling in and they’re everything that an author wants to hear. 5 stars across the board. Phew. It doesn’t matter how well received one’s work has been in the past, every new project is a chance to shit the bed, and most creatives never lose that doubt. I’ve talked many times about the value of professional support and critique, and those external evaluators–not your friends, family or people who’ve already bought into your work–are always helpful to consult to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

You’ll see review snippets and blurbs in upcoming marketing materials, but here’s a drop quote and a link to the full review from the critics at Foreword; a highly recommended editorial magazine–even as an indie author they treat you with the same professionalism and weigh you against the same measures as they do for any of the Big Publishers. (Can be good or bad, I suppose, depending on your reaction to criticism–I say good!)

“In this grand adventure, tortured villains turn into twisted heroes, hardened warriors reveal hidden passion and compassion, and everyone seems to be hiding something.”

Feast of Chaos Review (click to be redirected)


Everyone needs to laugh. I need a good bout of it at least once a day. This week, while doing my administrative tasks I tried something different to break my screen-gazing-coma: I turned on a podcast. I’ve never been a podcast person, and I’m quite private, though lately I’ve enjoyed having strangers chatting away in my office. One of my favourite podcasts so far has been the Bookcast over at First, these women are funny, light and still quite clever with their observations and literary lore. I learned things about Twilight–most shocking that there are actual things to learn about Twilight! Twilight meandering aside, through these podcasts I’ve also discovered two books/ authors that I never would have otherwise read, and finding new and intriguing reads isn’t easy. *Honourable mention for hilarity goes to the Australian dramedy, Offspring, on Netflix.

So, those are my three weekly moments in which I’ve known beauty, joy and laughter. Go have a think and get back to me with yours on FB or in the comments below. We can’t have a great week every week, though I promise you these gifts will be present in the ashes of even the seven most terrible days. Sift, find and cherish.

All my love,