Come On In

by  Christian A. Brown  |  March 25, 2018  |     No Comments

I finally wrapped up 99% of the preparations for moving/ selling our humble abode, which means I can get back to writing next week. I’m sure gonna miss this place. We’ve lived here for nine years; before Zeus or mom left us, before I embarked on this journey as a writer. So much has happened in (almost) a decade that I feel as if I’m watching a movie of someone else’s life when I look back over those memories. But they’re mine, all those strange and painful experiences, and reconciling who I was with who I am seems like a second journey in and of itself.

Anyway, before I change locations, I wanted you all to see where the magic happens. I’m somewhat reserved, in that I express myself best through my writing, so perhaps wandering my home can show you more about who I am and how I live than I’d ever be able to share. You’ve all been here with me–in spirit–at one point or another. Sitting on my office chaise with the cats. Or cheering me on with your lovely reviews (we won’t talk about the unlovely ones!), or through our connections online. And since so many of you are from all over the globe, it’s not feasible (unless my wealth suddenly skyrockets) to have you all in my living room, reading, chatting and socializing. Here’s the next best thing. Welcome to my home, virtually speaking! Come on in, have a look around. It’s so nice to finally have you here.

All my love,


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P.S. If you’re in Toronto and are interested in actually purchasing our place, please contact Richard Persad at Right at Home Realty–offers are being looked at in three weeks, and the listing isn’t live yet.

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