Creative Collective: Hollow, A Webcomic

This month’s Creative Collective spot goes to Lilly Higgs: creator of the lush, gorgeous and ingeniously written: Hollow. It’s a webcomic, updated on Mondays and Thursdays, and soon available in print! I have a soft spot for deep mythology in my stories, and this one starts with a biblical and Pagan bang. The blending of those mythologies with but a few sentences is a feat many haven’t been brave or skilled enough to try, yet Lilly succeeds in her attempt. I haven’t read a comic since I was maybe fifteen years old, and I’m hooked on this one. It’s topical, deep and fresh. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and make sure to reach out to Lilly and let her know what an awesome creator she is; her social media contacts are listed below. Without further ado, (some of) the intro to Hollow: A Webcomic.




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Lilly Higgs is an illustrator and comic artist working in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, with her two cats, Peanut and Noodle. (Together they make Pad Thai.) The daughter of two authors, Lilly accepted her fate, knowing she was going to do something creative with her life. She attended Savannah College of Art and Design, including studying in Japan. After graduation, she lived abroad in Melbourne, Australia, then came the long way ’round back home. After two years of scheming, she launched her webcomic, Hollow, in November 2016. Lilly dedicated its creation to embracing love and acceptance in all the shapes it takes.