Creative Collective: Leo Black

It is my absolute pleasure to present today’s artist; a man who’s work many of you already know so well…The one, and only: Leo Black. It would be a slight against him to simply recycle images of Leo’s previous, Geadhain-themed, works for today’s post (and I did a retrospective of his work on  my world before). Well, today’s never-before-seen image is the single exception I’ll make since it’s gorgeous. A picture, or sculpture, is worth a thousand words, in which case the below range of creations forms a body of work larger than my gargantuan novels.


Brimstone Kings of the Cradle


Where to Find Leo

Sequestered in the wilds of Italy, this mysterious artist occasionally connects with the outside world long enough to accept commissions–for which he is usually available (inquire about his rates and availability through his social links below). In his spare time, he enjoys eating vegan, living well, challenging the antediluvian horrors of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and spending time with his family.

*I highly suggest you check out each of the links below to see the various masterpieces this gent has created.

Deviant Art