Creative Collective

Fellow readers, artists and friends, Happy New Year. I hope that the next twelve months are auspicious and productive for you. I hope that your dreams come true–even if they manifest in ways you might not have planned. Moving into 2017, I’d like to support the fantasy/ dark fantasy/ romance/ horror/ nerd/ weird/ wonderful community further by offering my site, which gets 500-1000 unique visitors per month (and growing) as another platform and opportunity for consumers of art and artists to connect. I know how hard it is when starting out; the future can feel like looking up a sheer wall that you know you have to climb. It can be crushing, and lonely. It’s my intent with this initiative to give new artists a few handholds and footholds upon that wall.

Once per month, I will dedicate an entire post (and Facebook advertorial) to promoting someone who isn’t myself 🙂 I will accept physical (digital), musical or literary art; stuff related to the genres in which I work. If you’re a master of pointillism flower portraits, mine probably isn’t the best platform for submissions. Anyway here’s a quick checklist before submissions:

  • Work should be clean and error free. Only send me your best. First impressions and all that. I won’t be editing or uploading revisions. What you send is what others see.
  • Work should be in the fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, paranormal romance (not erotica), epic genres.
  • Original artwork, comics, poetry, short stories around 10K words and under (not novellas), music are all acceptable submissions.
  • Digital art should be under 1MB in size for easy viewing.
  • Self-published works and (clean) first drafts are fine.
  • Only submit one creation for consideration.
  • Please include a short bio, as well as all of your social media handles, so that my readers and others can share and connect.


And finally, as those artists among you hopefully know, dealing with rejection is part of the creative process. Because this is a personal space, with defined visitor tastes, I will choose the work that I feel will be most appealing to my readers. That’s not a judgment call on you–the artist–or the quality of your work. But curation ultimately comes down to taste. So if you’re new here, I’d suggest looking around, seeing what I like, what my readers like, and determining if your stuff is a good fit. If your creation is accepted, I will email you with a post date that you can share on social media.

Often rejection is simply not knowing your audience, and I want the artists who use this service–which is entirely free of charge by the way and limited only by spots and demand–to feel encouraged, to grow roots and to climb that damnable wall even I’m still scrabbling up after four years. I don’t care if you pass me on that climb; another’s success shouldn’t define our own. We all share in the struggle. We need to work together, especially in this age, toward assisting others in that climb rather than shoving them down.

So take that plunge, and submit. All best for 2017.

P.S. I’m just getting over the most wretched of flus, but I’ll have a full submission page set up over the next week or so. You can start submitting immediately, though, via the Contact Page (click to be taken there). 

Edit 01/05/17: Submission page has been updated and is now fully functional and live! Head to the Submissions/ Contact page (click to be taken there).