Featured Artist

Creative Collective: Julie Frayn

Today’s Creative Collective feature is for a very special artist: the homegrown, Canadian queen of saucy-literature-that-parents-might-slap-you-for-reading (not good parents–overprotective ones!): Julie Frayn. I feel she’s the perfect writer to feature for (yesterday’s) Canada Day; the diversity and richness of her writing represents our country so well. When considering how to describe her work–of which I’ve…

Past Artists

Creative Collective: Hollow, A Webcomic

This month’s Creative Collective spot goes to Lilly Higgs: creator of the lush, gorgeous and ingeniously written: Hollow. It’s a webcomic, updated on Mondays and Thursdays, and soon available in print! I have a soft spot for deep mythology in my stories, and this one starts with a biblical and Pagan bang. The blending of those…

Creative Collective: Kami

Today we celebrate our very first Creative Collective contribution! Champagne for everyone! I’ll only hog the mic for a little bit, and then I’ll pass it over to author Libby Doyle, whose work is featured here today. I really liked this story’s blend of Eastern mythology, science fiction and fantasy. Libby’s prose is brisk and powerful. Beneath…

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