Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

by  Christian A. Brown  |  August 20, 2017  |     No Comments

There are powers in the world–both people and forces–that thrive from chaos. And in an age where a third world war was once thought a distant nightmare, a lesson on near-destruction that we should never again repeat, we find these forces flourishing, and ourselves facing that very possibility. Am I really surprised, though? The world took a sharp turn toward ruin during last year’s American election (well, Brexit was the first canary in the coal mine). I have my thoughts on how and why the US presidential election occurred as it did. Leftists (of which I am one) became complacent, drunk on idealism, and too fractured/ consumed by identity politics. Right-wingers entrenched themselves in their opinions, pushed to greater extremes by the perceived threat of a world where their values weren’t respected, and goaded further by the real threat of rising terrorism. Both sides, really, went too far and that resulted in a president that no one really wants.

However, there can be only ‘one side’ taken against the march of white supremacists and the resulting violence in Charlottesville. Trump took the wrong side by even insinuating that “Alt-Left” disruptors were equally at fault. Is there an Alt-Left? The internet and pundits seem to be propagating this term into the political vernacular. Rolling Stone did a decent enough job explaining the movement. Granted, there are eco-terrorists, identity politics purists, anarchists, and extreme political correctness police, sure. I don’t like those political subsects any more than I like fundamentalists shrieking biblical profanities at me. But to conflate the actions of these left-wing extremists (who were not much of a presence in Charlottesville) with the simple act of sensible people rising up against a march of Neo-fucking-Nazis is, well, insane.

Trump proves, once more, that he lacks the grace and decency to deal with a crisis. Indeed much of his presidency is a Comedy of Errors, only one of those errors could be WWIII. Not so funny when said aloud. Still, I suppose Kim Jong-un could be the twin to Trump to keep things cannon with Shakespeare’s work. Nevertheless, I’m not sure that Trump is going to go anywhere. The American political system–all political systems–are set up to serve and protect those who are enthroned. Getting someone out of office is a Herculean ordeal. Truly, and frighteningly, starting a war or seeding further unrest will bring us greater worries than any of Trump’s repeated blunders, and I expect that’s exactly the smoke-screen for his actions that he’ll pursue. No one will be worried about which world leader or minority group Trump has shat on this week if we’re on nuclear alert. Pence stepping in would be a Godsend at this point; he’s boring, but on message, and I’m quite certain he won’t erode world peace further than what has been done.

Now I hope, I believe, that’s just my darkest imagination and fears running wild. I don’t want a war, and yet war in one form or another reaches a shadow over our homes. The week’s Hurricane Trump hadn’t even ended when I heard of Barcelona’s tragedy. Here, a place that my partner and I visited. A place that awed us and to which we had promised to return. I believe we will, though the stain of terror will have uglied the fair city and there will be monuments and spectres to the resplendence we remember. We always feel more sympathy for what we personally know, so when I heard of Barcelona I wept. I wish that stab of empathy were more universal, and that memory wasn’t needed for the trigger; we would be so much more sympathetic as a species.

War can’t be escaped, no matter how good we have become at isolating ourselves from incidents. It creeps and crawls forward–the glint of a stalking shark under the waves. We won’t escape it, and neither will your children. Which is why we need to continue to watch, to feel (for others), to understand why these events are happening. I write about fate, and I show how grim things can be. Although what my heroes seem to have learned is that the only mistake from which we can never return is the one that ends the world. Clearly, we’re not there, though there are stones in that road being laid. I believe that this is a dark period in human history, a turmoil that precipitates change and prosperity.

We just need to hold each other tight, embrace what makes us different, and keep pushing out the hate. Sure, there will be anger. Sure, there will be thunder and destruction. But that’s what storms bring, and there’s a calm after: a time of dewy-rustling and the shy peeking of life from behind a wet veil. And life will resume, as it does after a storm. For it never ends, the earth can heal, and so, too, can we heal our hearts and minds in this and the generations to come.

All my love,


P.S. I felt that Dorvain, staunch and lawful Watchmaster of Eod, was a fitting image for today’s post. He’d be a good guardian to have around at the moment. Also, and on a far less serious note, I’m playing with the idea of using block quotes for the intro to my blogs (as seen with today’s post). Yay or nay?

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