Feast of Bookbub

No, that’s not a new title in the “Feasts” series. What an incredible week! Karma has redeemed itself, and all my whingeing over last week’s Vengeance of Threes has been forgotten. I want to take a second to thank all the new friends and wanderers of Geadhain. Since the BookBub deal has gone live, Feast of Fates reached #1 in Epic Fantasy on Amazon Canada and UK, and is among the top 3 most downloaded books in the entire Kindle library (#2 and #3 spots, respectively). Fates also clocked in, and held, at #7 in the Epic Fantasy category on Amazon US. Thousands upon thousands of new wanderers are experiencing Geadhain for the very first time. I stopped watching the numbers, since they started to boggle my mind! My neck was already quite sore from all of yesterday’s frantic screen-gazing. I do hope that you new wanderers enjoy your visit to my world—as strange, exotic and frightening a place as Geadhain can be! As for the droves of you who’ve already cashed in on the $0.99 sale on “Dreams”, thank you for your continued support. Some writers say that they only write for themselves, but I hold no illusions—or hubris—about being a professional storyteller. I believe that’s what I was put on Earth to do. And a storyteller without an audience is just a man talking to himself (or his cats). From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me your imaginations—to feed—and your time, which is perhaps the most valuable treasure of all.

Now, I’m trying to return the kindnesses bequeathed unto me by giving back to my readers. In case you missed it, there are two Goodreads Giveaways currently underway. I’m giving away a signed copy of both books along with a printed canvas of art selected from the Gallery. Leo’s work looks even more gorgeous hanging on a wall—trust me, I have one in my office. Anyhoo, below are the links. You need to enter each contest separately, if you want a chance at each book and canvas.

Feast of Fates Goodreads Giveaway

Feast of Dreams Goodreads Giveaway

Also, if some of you aren’t into GR, I’m doing one final book and canvas giveaway provided you can answer the following “Geadhain Trivia” quiz correctly. For this contest, you’ll get a signed copy of each book, as well as one piece of art from the Gallery. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Three questions.

  • What are the names of Thackery’s wife and child?
  • What secret does Erik keep from the King? (There are two answers, debatably, and I’ll take either.)
  • Approximately how old is Lila?

Email your answers to: questionsforgeadhain@gmail.com

You could post your replies in the comments section, though that would be rather spoilery for people just working their way through the first book. Part of the magic of the series—I’m told—is in the slow unraveling of plot threads, which generally leads to a cat’s cradle of further mysteries and wonders. Let’s not ruin that for our new wanderers! A winner will be selected at random, at which point I shall contact the winner for his or her mailing information.

As always, if you’d like to return the munificence, a heartfelt review of my books left on Amazon/ GR/ wherever, or telling a friend about Geadhain is all that I need. Finally, in case you somehow missed this epic masterpiece—arranged by some very talented folks, and creeping up on 1000 views in 48h—here’s the Four Feasts Till Darkness trailer.


A number of people have already asked me: “When is the movie coming out?” Soon, I hope. I just need to get past Peter Jackson’s gatekeepers.

All my love,


P.S. Happy (in advance of tomorrow) Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers.