Go with the Flow

by  Christian A. Brown  |  January 10, 2016  |     No Comments

Planning. Nine times out of ten, what we set out to do rarely matches the reality of the result. For example, today, I was planning to write a little piece of flash-fiction. About 250 words of intrigue and suspense with no commitment beyond that. And indeed, I just spent the last three hours working on my tiny slice of a tale. Unfortunately, that “tiny-slice”, ballooned into one of the sharpest, most intriguing intros that I’ve ever written. I debated posting it, but my partner gave me a stern “no”. It’s gold, and as with metallurgy, it needs to be shaped into a proper, beautiful story. It’s similar to an idea I’ve been plotting for my next project after the Feasts quadrology. Although, the mythology I was going to use, originally Egyptian, changed as soon as I started writing this scene. The characters did, too. When the muse sings, we have to listen, and she’s telling me that this is the next story that I’m going to write–again, after Feast of Chaos and Mercy are finished, don’t worry.

I wish that I had something more to show for today’s blood-sweat-and-tears. But trust me when I say that this is one story for which the wait will be worth the reward. Still, I do owe my readers something, as it is Sunday, and here’s when and where I unload all my mental-baggage from the week. I’ll give you this then, a haiku, wherein you’ll see hints as to what the next project will be. I’m so bloody excited to write this tale, though I’ll have to sit on my hands for a while. So this is as much an exercise in patient restraint for me as it is for you. Anyway, let’s give this a shot:

Lover’s dance begins

Steel maze, Baba Yaga’s hound

Fear the howl, New York

That’s right! It’s my first semi-contemporary fantasy piece, coming 2017. I have a working title, and even a few pages of a first draft now. I look forward to sharing details of this new world, and tale, with you soon. First, however, we need to find out what the Heck happens with Morigan and the Wolf. I wish you all a fantastic week, filled with challenges, creativity and growth.

All my love,


P.S. Oh, this is quite awesome, ForeWord featured my books on their site this week:



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