Happy Birthday to Me (and You)

What a year–and it’s not even over. I’ve had my share of ups and downs. I took on a little too much work and learned that there’s a limit to how much time I can dedicate to writing before my personality frays to raggedness. I won’t be writing a manuscript as well as editing galleys/ preparing for the launch of another book anymore. Finish one project, then onto the next, will be my process going forward. Other than that, it’s been a strange year: there’s a great deal of uncertainty in the political and social climate, and I think it’s affected us all. We can chat about that when I get back to my regular blogs. But we’re still a few weeks from those, and, as promised last week, and contrary to the tradition of birthdays–where I should be receiving gifts–I’m to give something to my fans and supporters.

The Hunt Begins

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A picture says a thousand words, though these pictures have actual words on them, so you shouldn’t have to plumb them for meaning. Welcome to my Instagram world. You can expect new pieces biweekly, and they’ll be uploaded to FB and Twitter each time one goes live. I’ll also be sharing more personal insights into my life: in particular, my nutritional habits, fitness and wellness–all of which are fundamentally important to me.

Since it’s my birthday, I really should be celebrating, not working. So I’m going to get to doing just that.

All my love,


P.S. As always come this bittersweet time of year, my love and condolences to the survivors of 9/11.