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by  Christian A. Brown  |  September 9, 2018  |     No Comments

The galley has been personally proofread one last time; a few minor adjustments will be submitted tomorrow. Looks like we have a book! I’m really happy with my read and with the twists, turns, drama and conflicts in FoDRK. I think you will all be quite pleased, too. Preorders should be live in a couple of weeks. I’ll announce when they are, obviously 🙂

Next week, I turn 40 and perhaps because of that or the breakneck pace I’ve had while writing the series—1.25 million words in 4 years—I’m exhausted. I’ll leave you with this today, the jacket for Feast of Darkness, Part I. (Click to enlarge and don’t read the jacket if you don’t want minor spoilers!)

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