Creative Collective: Joshua Ezzell

Josh and I came into contact through Leo, who many of you know through the extraordinary visual art that he has created for my world.

Together the three of us created the latest trailer for the series, and all of that flair, movement and life came solely from Joshua’s talents. There are many branches of creativity and not all of them are direct talent > physical art expressions. Joshua’s skills lay in the orchestration of events, much as a maestro conducts a symphony. Without Joshua, Leo’s images—while amazing—remain static. Everything you see in that trailer—the music, sound effects, special effects, scene transitions, animations—has been implemented, and in many cases constructed frame-by-frame by Joshua.

He quite literally brought my world to life, and I am delighted to share his work here on Creative Collective today. If any of you are looking for a composer for a multimedia project, you can contact Joshua via the link his bio (as well as the permanent links I have for him, Ana and Leo built into the site footer).


About Joshua

Joshua has worked extensively in video since 2009 (at the young age of 14) when he first began teaching himself the skills necessary to learn visual effects and digital compositing. He is completely self-taught in his craft. Through the years, Joshua’s interests have expanded to encompass cinematography, photography, and motion graphics. He also works as a Multimedia Artist with Druid Gameworks on the fantasy RPG ‘Witanlore: Dreamtime’. His duties there include video work, cinematics, lighting, VFX, some level design and textures/material shaders. He enjoys the crossover that all of his different projects bring. In addition to these projects, he has also spent time on set for various short films learning the ways of being a great grip/Production Assistant. Joshua is available on a freelance basis for new multimedia projects, and is always looking to expand his portfolio and skill set.

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