Kitties, Cuddles and Newsletter Prizes

Today we’ll be discussing a hodge-podge of topics, and we’re not going too far beneath the surface with our insights. I mean, it’s been an intense few weeks, and after pushing so hard—emotionally—it’s time to put on the brakes. Sure, it has been a newsworthy week and there’s plenty to discuss if I choose to examine my Twitter feed or Google for ideas. But not everything has to be on-message and aimed at changing the world. At least not for me. There are people that never stop their pushing and achieving, not even for a minute, and while I practice some of that work and personal ethic, I also practice Zen and the Art of Sitting-On-Your-Ass (and playing video games or cat cuddling).

Indeed, nothing slows me down better than a slashing up monsters in a digital Tolkienesque world, or some cuddle time with Jupiter and Mama P. Video games actually diminish my anxiety, since I have something that requires all the resources of my hyperactive brain. Whereas animals have been proven to alleviate stress and to encourage mental rehabilitation, and these darlins’ can’t be denied when they hop up onto my lap and demand attention—and they do ‘demand’, they’re very needy and vocal creatures! So I’m going to get to that and them, and soon, and I have no major earth shattering stories or (I’d like to think) sagely wisdom to share.

Before I go, though, I would like to announce the winner of last quarter’s Newsletter Trivia quiz..

Stacy from Ohio!

Congrats! Your Kindle Fire HD is in the mail. I hope that Feast of Darkness, Part I looks great on it (soon)! Thank you for being such a clever reader and fan. Our winter newsletter comes out the week after next, and I’m planning a pretty big surprise for that one, too, so brush up on your Geadhain lore and good luck on your entry!

All my love,


P.S. I am thoroughly enjoying one of Creative Collective’s featured artists’ (the apostrophes and possessives in this sentence are confusing the heck outta me) latest works: Pocketful of Bones by Julie Frayn. Highly recommended. Grab it here.