Love Is in the Air

by  Christian A. Brown  |  February 14, 2016  |     No Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day! An unusual holiday: a religious legend that’s morphed into a massive, modern-day, consumer enterprise. If you strip away the frills, we are, and should be, celebrating love. That doesn’t have to mean romantic love. It can be the love of a friend, the love of animal, of your faith—whatever. While considering love in a broader spectrum than romantic, I came up with this:


Let Me Count the Ways

Candied hearts

Broken ones, too

Kissing beneath stars

Or feelin’ blue

It’s not as they say

Fated or chance

It’s not what they tell you

Of this great dance

We call


Till your soil

Broken back from toil

Say a prayer

And still

Maybe foiled


Or blinded by surprise

You may find

One you love

(Or one you hate)

Roll the dice

Amuse the Fates

Though for all the songs

The dances

The fair-weather romances

Nothing so steady

Nothing so ready

to heal, to hold,

to laugh, to grow old

As a friend

—Christian A. Brown, 2016

Well, that friend could be your lover, too. Could just as easily be your cat. We shouldn’t think of love—or of our capacity to give and receive it—as existing solely in the romantic domain. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day with whoever, or whatever.


All my love,


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