Love Thy Neighbour

There’s a fine line between bombastic pundit and psychotic, self-immolating narcissist, and Trump has wandered deeply within the latter territory for far too long. He’s pioneer, lord and king of that land, with no one to challenge his stake (at this point not even Amy Schumer’s former writer and devout misogynist holds a candle to DT). Trump’s rise has been meteoric and astonishing. Trump’s is a devilish strategy: tap into the peoples’ latent unrest and uncertainty, offend the largest base of minorities and special interest groups possible and suddenly the noise of so many pissed off voices becomes a divisive rallying cry, a clear divide of them vs. us. Like a dark sorcerer, his rhetoric has worked to transform fear into fearful zealotry, and to mobilize people, politically, far Right of where their compass naturally points.

As a Canadian, a caring human being and a person of color/ difference, I care for the upcoming election as much as I cared for our own recent and defining political shift here in Canada. Americans are my neighbours–my readers, supporters and far away friends. Part of being a person on the fringe–any fringe–is that you should, one would hope, have empathy for people who are also marginalized. Americans are being mistreated, their values are being turned into ammunition used in a catastrophic war on their culture, the fallout of which has covered their country in a haze of hate. Somewhere in the whirlwind–the escalating escapades of this preposterous POTUS-wannabe, and the Left’s scrambling and hysterics to stop him–people have lost sight of the dire issues faced by the US: pipelines, poverty, literacy and education, elemental reform, taxation, racism. Instead, we’re focused on the unbelievable gall of this man who thinks he should be president.

How? Why? A person exhibiting his behavior would be fired on the spot, walked out, and dismissed with cause from any respectable business, and yet, he’s applying for one of the most esteemed and influential positions in the world. Clinton was impeached for his philandering. Trump talks about using a woman like a bowling ball, on camera, and comes as close as I’ve ever seen someone in a position of power declaring himself a rapist (“You can do anything…”) and people are still rallying to his defence? Come on. I know that everyone likes a dignified surrender, though the longer you remain in this man’s court the less dignified that retreat will be. He’s horrendously mannered. He has the temperament of a demonic toddler. He shows open contempt for women, persons of low-income, people of color, Muslims, Native Americans, gays, queers, transgender people…Anyone that isn’t, well, him. He isn’t fit to handle the affairs of a nation–especially one in crisis.

Religious conservatives shouldn’t rally to him, because he’s proven to have no respect for morality or values aside from feigning them in the snide apologies he has to give when he’s done something truly deplorable. Let’s be 100% clear: Trump does not care for God or spirituality, he worships himself. Liberals have no respect for him, for obvious reasons. What about the social middle-ground? Persons not interested in repeatedly broken promises, grandstanding, and the modern era Borgia intrigue that passes for politics? I’m angry, personally. I’ve suffered through Rob Ford (who was a comical and arguably innocent buffoon), Harper (who was insidiously malignant), and now I have a threat–a real threat to every freedom in the modern world–rising like Sauron himself in the lands to the south.

I think, I hope, that Trump’s recent case of foot-in-asshole (which is his mouth) has irrevocably disillusioned even the farthest right and angriest of constituents. Christians can do better. Republicans can do better. The freedoms being used in Trump’s fearmongering today, can just as easily be that of Christians’ tomorrow–indeed in some countries, Christians are the persecuted minority. More than Trump, I’m sickened by the knowledge that Trump is a symptom, a cancer, come from our collective apathy, from our absolute hibernation while people like Trump set fire to our culture and values for the sake of power and profit. Suddenly everything’s gone to such shit that everyone actually pried their faces out of their iPhones and said: “damn”. Well, Trump isn’t the answer; he’s one of the ones who led us to this disaster. Step back. Take a breath. Stop making silos and thinking that the loudest voices are the only ones that are heard. Start listening to the quiet, the soft-spoken and the wise: people who aren’t so filled with corrosive anger as to be extremists for any cause–perceived just or foul.

I used to make jokes with ‘Trump as President’ as a punchline, because there was, what I believed, a logical dissonance between that statement and such a reality ever coming to pass. Again, I think he’s shot himself in the head with his remarks, though a man as delusional as him never goes down without fanfare and fireworks. I’m expecting a combination of his ego imploding and a smug censure from Hillary in tonight’s debate. Hillary’s no treat, either–but she’s not Trump, and if you’re picking between two poisons, take the one that might just make you sick and not kill you.

After the smoke has cleared, let us look back on this era as nothing other than grossly cautionary as to how close we came to unravelling a century of civil rights.

All my love,