Mark Your Calendar

Feast of Chaos will see an all-formats release on September 23rd, 2016. That’s about three weeks over my ideal (not set-in-stone) target, and there are a few reasons for that. Primarily, the sheer bulk of content included in the book: new glossary, new intro and recap, and the finished manuscript is over two hundred pages longer than either Fates or Dreams. It’s an enormous book. Enormous. Feast of Mercy looks to dwarf even this monstrosity and it will take some creative formatting and small print sizes to cram it into 700 pages or less–but that’s far off, and Feast of Chaos isn’t! Here’s what you can look forward to in the few short weeks leading up to launch:

  • Check out the new “World” section. It’s been completely overhauled, tonnes of new content added, edited or changed, and now has a really slick landing page. Also, the storefront has been refreshed and a product page for Feast of Chaos has been added. You might also notice a murky, seemingly unfinished golden cover: the yet-to-be-revealed imagery for Feast of Mercy! I’ll be revealing that cover late this year or early next.
  • Check out my Instagram account, which launches next weekend–there will be a blog post about that. Come and see what my genius of a designer has done with the marriage of my words to Leo’s gorgeous artwork!
  • Sign up for my newsletter; information on which will follow the week after next. “Bah, more spam!” you say. I’d be inclined to agree if I didn’t know how brimming with amazing things this once per month digest will be: exclusive artwork, character interviews, Author Q&A, links to the posts you may have missed, and subscriber only giveaways!
  • If you are a blogger, editor or reviewer interested in receiving and critiquing a final galley copy of Feast of Chaos, please reach out to me via the contact form. Also, those reviewers already signed up will get their galley copies in the digital mail soon.


So launch isn’t far away and there’s plenty to keep you busy till then. I need to get back to it; manuscripts don’t write themselves and Morigan’s tale is nearly at an end. Time flies and we’ll be experiencing the thrills and sorrow of that climax sooner that any of us realize.

All my love,