Mother’s Pride

Pythius: two-spirited shaman of the Doomchasers, and the perfect icon for today’s Pride Post!


Mother’s Pride

Nature shines, She beams

She adores Herself in light

Yet She knows the craven kiss

of darkest night

Embracing with truth

Her right, Her glory

–Her imperfection

Telling you, I, they

We are no sad story

She is Pride


and we: wisps of her grace

Look to her throne

Burn out the doubt

Speak yourself free

And proud

Proud of who you love,

Proud of defying your fate

An enemy against those enslaved to their hate

When blind, we see

In suffering we know

The feel of cruel hand

Cracking skin, law or ego

Broken have we been

A million fragments of Light

I am the woman struck down

The man without fitting flesh

The child painted brown

The boy who yearns for dress

The scar upon the face

The wound within the soul

The chair-bound and distressed

I am all the parts that make us whole

I am the wonder in the shadow

I am the unbidden, unseen

Though when We roar

When We call to Mother Sky

It is with one voice, no fear

No lies

As one tribe

We know ourselves

We are seen

We praise our darkness and our light

Which can never be stolen

Or known without Mother’s pride

–Christian A. Brown, 2017

P.S. I don’t feel the need to dissertate on the poem; I think its themes speak for itself. I will say, though, that I am proud of my differences. I am grateful for the empathy and lessons life has given me for my choices. Happy Pride! Be safe and loved! Xoxo