The Real Gratefulness Challenge

Okay, I’ve gone on to great lengths before about the value of being grateful, of saying please and thank you and just generally being kind to the world around you. But talk is cheap. We all like to think of ourselves as nice, accommodating folk. Unfortunately, we are our own worst judge of character when it comes to deciding if we are noble or selfish. To quote King Magnus: No man shall live as a king. All kings shall live as men. To be revered only if their honor demands. Only if their deeds are worthy of worship, which the voices of all who witness them will decide.

All quite good and fancy, and when you get right down to it Magnus is saying is that if you want to be a good person, do good deeds. A king should not be considered a king unless he acts with virtue. Inspirational blogging certainly has some merit, but in the end it needs to motivate others to do better. With themselves, with others, with their communities. Otherwise it’s just a lot of hot air. Now this is a bit of a short and sweet blog, because I don’t need to get into the ins-and-outs of gratefulness, community or how to be a better person. I’ve rambled on that topic on many a blog. What I propose is that you go out in the world this week and do something for someone (or something—a charity, a support group) to show that you are grateful. Then come back here, or visit the official FB page and tell us what you did. Hey, there’s no shame in being praised or feeling happy about expressing gratitude. Deep down, we’re all just Pavlovian-impulse-driven little children, who want pleasure and love. I even promise a special, top-secret reward to whoever shares the most inspirational tale.

Show us your worthy deeds. We may not have Immortal Kings and wars against unconscionable dark and alien forces. But we can still be heroes.


P.S. The official FB page has been updated with pictures of the launch party! Head on over to check them out. And once more, thank you to everyone who came out for the celebration.