Remember Them

by  Christian A. Brown  |  July 29, 2018  |     No Comments

A well of anger and fear exists inside the hearts of many young men today, and we Torontonians were witness—and victim—to that deplorability this week with another mass and fatal act of domestic terrorism. Unlike the last killer, this one’s motives remain relatively clouded, and I won’t waste my time going over the particulars of his psychosis; that will continue to be a subject of debate elsewhere. And it’s not about him, it’s never about him; he’ll just be another unmemorable, unremarkable footnote in a book on violent offenders. He wanted to be remembered, and so we should forget him, utterly.

We should be looking at and remembering them. Two women, both quite young, who were the victims of this man’s hate (and the others still in critical care who’s fates hang in the balance). For Julianna Kozis, Reese Fallon, and the other thirteen people injured:


Remember Them

A star has fallen,
can you find it?
Do you know the way?
Horizon bright
Thirteen nights
Gifts of spice to sway
In transcendental glances
Through ancient dances
Might we visit the dream
Where angels lay
Shuffling feet, messing peat
Drums that thump, primal heat
In this realm of blinding sun—and joy
Here rumbles the song
Going ever on
Though too far gone
To be more than a resonance,
in your ear
A heartbeat,
of your fear
For those you no longer see
But listen, ye
And know
Find peace
That past the buzzing veil
the endless wail,
of our technocratic din
Feel the beat
Feel the hum
Tap your foot to the drum
As leaf whispers to bone
As nightingale kisses stone
They are never alone
In the glimmering music
Of the endless waltz
We’ll one day see
We’ll one day be

—Christian A. Brown, 2018

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