Return to Lordran

It was a busy week: grinding out manuscript #4, working on the edits for #3—then it’s off to the proofreader, then into your hands! And, to top it off, Dark Souls 3 came out this week. I certainly needed to squeeze in some time for that necessary dalliance! Video games tend to get a bad rap from anyone who doesn’t appreciate the medium, and there are any number of arguments made about whether they promote violence, rot our brains, etc.. My stance: they’re a form of entertainment blending puzzle-solving, graphic art, storytelling and more, and can range in quality from shit to high art. The latter being the best case scenario. Regardless, let’s leave that broader discussion alone and focus on the subject of today’s blog: the Souls/ King’s Field series.

These are punishing games, unrepentantly so, which is a rarity in this age of spoon-feeding us every vainglorious gratification via Candy Crush, Instagram and Netflix. Still, the series has developed a following, likely on account of fulfilling a desire to be challenged. The games are bleak, gothically beautiful, and littered with bread-crumbs and see-don’t-tell narrative depth. I’ve written about the series before, and rather than recap my thoughts, I’d like to put my impressions of the climax to  Miyazaki’s masterpiece down in prose. On Friday, I was struck by mystery and dread as my character climbed a hill–a grueling gauntlet of bodies and sprung-traps behind him–and saw this:

Breathtaking. Oh, and a giant demonic wolf tried to eat me 2 seconds later on the bridge seen picture left.

Breathtaking. Oh, and a giant demonic wolf tried to eat me two seconds later on the bridge seen picture-left.

Oh, Ancient Lordran

Jewel to the Crown of Lords

Shine true, eye of night

Reminding me of ember bright

Though face, so hollow

I am the sin of man

The stolen fire

The Want

Oh, Ancient Lordran

Nary a rust to your grace

Though stricken kings

Fade, to ash

How many more will stand?

As I,


A crown, or a pyre

Nashandra, begat sorrow

Gwyn enkindled doom

Aldrich devoured stars

Izalith’s swollen womb

A river of souls without end

Sufferers and sinners, all

Denying the Dark

Oh, Ancient Lordran

I see, I sing

Your true song

An ode to your fall

Snuff the flame

Spark mine heart,

I shall not seek

I shall not want

I shall meet you

In the Dark

-Christian A. Brown, 2016

That’s littered with Souls’ lore, as well as some poetic liberties—unless you’re a fan, you may not understand the references, though hopefully you still liked the cadence and flow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Perhaps I’ll see you sooner in Lordran/Lothric (these darned cursed eternal cycles)…