Season’s Greetings

I hope that you’re all having a wonderful holiday. Or, in absence of “wonderful”, a tolerable one 🙂 I’m still on vacation and enjoying myself much more than I would’ve thought. Often the medicine we need most is the one we abhor: for me, that would be a separation from my work environment and familiar comforts. Still, there’s an inexplicable magic to the holidays: the familiar arguments, the stomping of childrens’ feet, the gorging upon turkey, yet another Christmas song. In isolation, any of these events would be a potential irritant. In combination, somehow these elements–along with a splash of wine or spirits–often blend into a sum greater, and less annoying, than its parts.

Winter's Kiss

Winter’s kiss, circling mist,

A field of barren ice

What an angry sky there be

Seen, not heard,

Chill sensed, not stirred

On pressed hand, hairs, or thee

What is without isn’t within

Cinnamon teas, faint waft of gin

From last night’s Bacchian tryst

These are the scents

Along with fire’s crackling lament,

What warm back and soul

Stumbling steps sound,

As bearish men do wake

And ladies, more lithely (not really) take,

To the holiday dance once more

It’s a step never missed

A beat never remiss

In head, heart and eye

And o’er the ice,

Risen sun does slice,

Through gloom;

Into bedazzled room

Which scintillates bright as any tree

Holidays, oh Holidays,

I surrender to thee

Now where oh where,

Is my hot toddy?

Well, I have a tea waiting for me (not a boozy drink), and a house full of family from whom I’ve hidden myself to write this blog. Happy Holidays, and happy New Year. Next week, we can talk about all the promises we’re going to make or break at our arbitrary New Years pledge. Till then, enjoy these moments with family, home and hearth. It’s the first holiday since mom’s passing where the ache is less than the joy and I need to be present.

All my love,