Some Friendly Reminders

Morning folks, hope you’re all having a nice weekend. I’m still recovering from a hangover from my partner’s 40th birthday, which we celebrated on Friday. I haven’t drank in almost 2 years, so I’ve no one to blame but myself (and perhaps our charming Irish server, Karen, who suggested that we would regret just having a pleasant meal and not going out to paint the town red). After that debacle, I’m ready to go another 2 years or more without touching anything alcoholic: one’s tolerance really plummets without regular drinking–reminding me that alcohol really is a poison, and that I’m really too old for this shit.

As I need to get back to having a lay on the sofa, things are going to be brief today. October is just around the corner, and if you haven’t had a chance to sign up for the newsletter and enter the contest for the free Kindle Fire HD, then you should probably do so now! You’ve got one week to submit your answers for the (relatively easy) visual quiz contained therein. And if you’re struggling to find an old copy of the newsletter, just head over to the Member’s Section and scroll all the way to the bottom where an archived copy can be found. If you’re not yet a member/ subscriber, we can correct that by clicking on any of the banners that appear at the bottom of the website, or, by clicking the banner found on the storefront.

Also mentioned in the newsletter, you can sign up as an arc (advanced reader copy) reader for Feast of Darkness, Part I, which should be ready in Q1 of next year. The list is filling up and I only have a few spots left, so if you’re interested, do let me know asap. And finally (and I will remind you of this again), because of security reasons, the password for the Member’s Section changes each quarter. That means that your old password will no longer work, though you’ll find the new one in the upcoming newsletter.

Other than that, here’s a lovely new piece of Leo’s for you to gawk over.

If you’ll excuse me now, the couch is calling my name…

All my love,