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And the Beat Goes on

July 23, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

I’ve been in a bit of a creative lull. I’ve been twiddling my thumbs without my manuscript since the middle of June. My publicity campaign has been getting ramped up over the last month, so there hasn’t been much on that front either. At least Jupiter-…


Too Much Love

May 7, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

I mean, there’s always things in life to feel crappy about, and most people–myself included–tend to focus on those elements above all else. Pleasure (happiness, in the non-Pavlovian sense) is a homeostatic state: we of the free and postmodern world e…

Ana Santos Design

Creative Collective: Nya Designs

April 30, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

Behind every visionary is a strong, silent partner, right? Well, the same is true for artists and creatives, and their partners are many. Art, as we know it in this age, isn’t just about creating something and then setting it free into the world. With…

suzanne van Pelt

Creative Collective: Suzanne van Pelt

March 26, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

I’m a sucker for glossy fantasy realism, which is why I immediately fell in love with Suzanne’s pieces. Although she’s using modern techniques, you can see a lot of old-world influences to her characters and settings–again, a weakness of mine. Romanti…

Creative Collective: Hollow, A Webcomic

February 26, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

This month’s Creative Collective spot goes to Lilly Higgs: creator of the lush, gorgeous and ingeniously written: Hollow. It’s a webcomic, updated on Mondays and Thursdays, and soon available in print! I have a soft spot for deep mythology in my storie…