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Postcards from the Edge

July 30, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

Things are going to be brief today–I have a new crisis unfolding. I haven’t missed a Sunday Blog yet, and determination, even when things are grim, is a raft to which we can cling to stop ourselves from slipping into the abyss. First, the good stuff.…

They Grow up so Fast!

July 9, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

I’ve had so many comments and messages regarding Jupiter and his welfare that I thought I should give everyone an update: he’s doing fine. Better than fine! Jupiter’s lungs have completely cleared up and he’s growing like a weed and still sweet as can…

Highs and Lows

June 11, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

Bringing Jupiter home was definitely a high point of last week. Still, our happiness at his arrival was overshadowed–made a footnote–by the horrible events that happened in London. With that pain fading, but not forgotten, we believed Jupiter would b…

A Bundle of Joy (and Sorrow)

June 4, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

This is unscheduled and off the cuff, and not what I’d planned to discuss (see the original blog below). I woke up this morning and read the news; then caught up on the “I’m safe” tags from my cousin and other friends and family in the UK. While the pa…


Too Much Love

May 7, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

I mean, there’s always things in life to feel crappy about, and most people–myself included–tend to focus on those elements above all else. Pleasure (happiness, in the non-Pavlovian sense) is a homeostatic state: we of the free and postmodern world e…

Welcome to the Family

April 23, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

We never thought that we would love another animal so soon, yet here we are. In four to six weeks we’ll have a beautiful new fur baby in our home. Meet Jupiter.     Even his name is a bit of a pricking-thorn to us, since it’s the Roman versio…