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They Grow up so Fast!

July 9, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

I’ve had so many comments and messages regarding Jupiter and his welfare that I thought I should give everyone an update: he’s doing fine. Better than fine! Jupiter’s lungs have completely cleared up and he’s growing like a weed and still sweet as can…

suzanne van Pelt

Creative Collective: Suzanne van Pelt

March 26, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

I’m a sucker for glossy fantasy realism, which is why I immediately fell in love with Suzanne’s pieces. Although she’s using modern techniques, you can see a lot of old-world influences to her characters and settings–again, a weakness of mine. Romanti…

Happy Birthday to Me (and You)

September 11, 2016, by Christian A. Brown

What a year–and it’s not even over. I’ve had my share of ups and downs. I took on a little too much work and learned that there’s a limit to how much time I can dedicate to writing before my personality frays to raggedness. I won’t be writing a manusc…