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They Grow up so Fast!

July 9, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

I’ve had so many comments and messages regarding Jupiter and his welfare that I thought I should give everyone an update: he’s doing fine. Better than fine! Jupiter’s lungs have completely cleared up and he’s growing like a weed and still sweet as can…

Highs and Lows

June 11, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

Bringing Jupiter home was definitely a high point of last week. Still, our happiness at his arrival was overshadowed–made a footnote–by the horrible events that happened in London. With that pain fading, but not forgotten, we believed Jupiter would b…

Piranha Diving

March 19, 2017, by Christian A. Brown

What a week: the first in a while where I’ve considered piranha diving to be a more rewarding career. I try to put on a happy face, since our mindset influences our wellbeing and abundance. You know: think positive, positive things will happen in our l…