The Home Stretch

by  Christian A. Brown  |  July 3, 2016  |     No Comments

What a week. I’m still—mentally—recovering from the shitstorm of bad events that we’ve experienced lately: shootings, bombings, political wtfs. (Britain, why? Could someone from the UK chime in on whether or not this is as bad as it looks?) I had planned to go out and show some solidarity with the queer community with Toronto’s Pride Celebration this week, though the universe had other plans in mind for me and decided to slam my immune system with the worst cold that I’ve had in years. Last time I was this sick was after mom’s funeral. My body, which had endured through a year and a half of hospital visits (for mom, not I), and exposure to the fecund infections for which hospitals and ICUs are notorious, finally said, “No more, time to rest,” and shut me down.

And now I feel that same enervation, that absolute emptiness of spirit and body, as I’m shivering, sniffling and massaging my throat from this absolutely hideous cold. Something greater than my ambition has decided to put me out of commission for a while. Still, one silver-lining is that this week I crossed the landmark I wanted to cross: everything is ready, the galley for Feast of Chaos gets ordered on Monday. From there, it’s just a few read-throughs and checks for clarity, since I had it pre-proofed (four rounds of editing and one round of proofing did it take to tame this monster of a manuscript). Early readers and reviewers should have their emails and copies soon. So, that’s some good news on my end, during a time when everything else is rather crap.

There are some structural changes that you’ll see rolled out in Feast of Chaos that will be retrofitted into the other books in the series, then carried forward into any projects that I do on this scale. First, and a feature I felt was necessary given the size and breadth of the tale and its cast, I’ve included an updated and expanded glossary: ordered alphabetically, rather than by importance/ chronological appearance. I also had one of my editors hard at work on expanding the series synopsis, which I’ll be wedging into either the front or back of the book with the other reference materials. This is more than a simple “feel” of events, and together we worked hard (well, I instructed, she wrote) to ensure that every necessary twist, relation and secret (of which there are so many!) was mentioned.

Again, these two resources will eventually be added to Feast of Fates and Feast of Dreams, too. I may wait until the boxed-set for that. I also have a few extra surprises that I’d like to cram into the book without making it even more of a contender for War and Peace’s grandiosity. We’ll see what the formatters have to say regarding those ideas. If they’re vetoed, I’ll add them when doing the boxed-set as well.

As sick as I am today, I can’t stop myself from being happy—a true happiness that shines through the pseudo-ephedrine haze of my cold medication. Since we’re moving into launch, I’ll be sharing excerpts, art, and teases of the new material, then, finally, the whole beast itself. Thank you for your patience and your support. Really, the kind exchanges on Facebook, the reviews and emails are what motivates me on the gloomiest, most doubt-filled days. I couldn’t have come this far without your support.

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