The Long Road

Writing these two novels—Feast of Darkness, Part I & 2–has been both the biggest struggle and achievement of my working life. It’s the conclusion to the series, and to be honest I’ve never really finished anything (professionally). Prior to being a writer, I turned down promotions in a number of my careers. I’m glad that I did, though, so that people better vested in those industries could take the spot I would have filled. I always told myself that when I found the ‘right’ job I would stick with it, which I have, with writing. Although, that certainty that this is what I’m meant to do doesn’t make the challenge of these manuscripts any easier. Right now, I’m in crunch time. I have two weeks to deliver the third draft to my editor and about another 600 pages to process and correct.

The good news is that the story arc is mostly sound. In a tale this size, though, there are so many threads that can be pulled and more than a few are loose to unraveling. So many voices, too, and each one needs to remain authentic. But slowly, I’m getting there. Still this draft has been the worst. Between the constant starting and stopping of the manuscript, and my grossly underestimated scope (Oops, I wrote two books! Now what?), I’ve been fighting an uphill battle. At least once this draft is done, the most important pieces will be in place. I see that end, and I’m fighting (and writing) toward it. I’m still aiming for and pretty confident that I’ll have a staggered release of both books next year, at which point I’ll finally give myself a bit of a break.

I’ll leave you with some of the draft material I’ve been working on. As usual each book begins with a poem, and below is the opener for Part II. It may seem a bit simple compared to some of the grand themes that these poems often contain. However, the series has always been about the actions, thoughts and lives of the small as much as the motions of heroes (the great)—we share many of the same hopes and fears, after all.

Do let me know what excerpts you’d next like to see. Something dramatic? Suspenseful? An action scene? I’ll give you a snippet a month, that way the wait won’t feel so long.

All my love,


Chasing Time

There is a shadow, in a fold
Glancing out, growing bold
As I drink away my fears
I feel him no longer near
When I go to water make
I feel a creeping in my wake
Spin around to catch the thief
But there is naught,
to throttle
Back to the bottle
A splash on my hands, first
Then a glance to the mirror
And there he be:
the thief
When I look, he seems so old
An apple of a face,
threatening as mold
Not the man of legends told
But an old man
A spectre that is I
A destiny from which no measures can abate
A death to come,
Clear as day
Will I fall
I cannot outrun him
My spectre
Soon—another drink, another whore?
He will call
And shall I listen?

—Tavern Woes, Unattributed