Time to Talk

Don’t be misled by the title. As much as I want to begin another one of my sermons on conquering the evils of mankind, today is not the day for that. We are creatures of light, and darkness, and today we can focus on the former. First, however, a moment of silence for the lives lost to senseless terror attacks in Europe. People should never be punished for their opinions and ideals—so long as their ideologies and actions do not violate the sanctity of their fellow man. I understand that there are many fractious sides to the arguments and politics in play, and still no cultural or religious divide should ever spark such heinous consequences. I am appalled that we, as human beings existing in the 21st century, still cannot see beyond—or ignore—our differences enough to not murder one another. Fucking murder. Sorry, but the fact that this is what the angriest of us default to is a growing concern of mine. Were we ever this violent? Middle Ages and world wars aside? Speaking of which, I would have thought that two world wars taught us something. This ever-present need in our nature to dominate, segregate and rule over those we deem “lesser” is what will likely destroy us as a species. Anyway, a moment of silence…Say a prayer if you’re religious. Go hug your significant other without saying why. Just do something that puts love and hope back into the world.

We’re back. Now, let’s sail into less stormy waters. I promised something “light”. This week was a terrific week, professionally, which is why I feel somewhat torn in my jubilation. The week began with an email from my cover designer, Dane, who informed me that Feast of Fates had won a gold star cover award! The judges had this to say: “Eerie with impressive depth and a great title treatment. Awesome.”



(Scroll down to see the listing.)

I tend to agree! Dane did terrific work on the cover (as did all of the artists involved with rendering Geadhain). Moving on from that highpoint, the week seemed to become even more generous with its blessings and I hit the bestsellers lists in Canada and the US this weekend. Dethroned Game of Thrones! If only for a day.

Unfortunately, Sunday came around, my head came out of the clouds a bit and I realized that I had a tonne of work I’d been putting off. This blog, namely. But before that, I also had to collate a bunch of information for my PR agent. She wanted to know sales, facts and figures for Feast of Fates. A bit leery, I began the exercise of examining the standard metrics of success. Again, in keeping with the horse-shoe-up-my-arse week, I discovered that thousands, yes thousands, of you are now reading or have read my work.

Wow. I don’t quite know what to say. I am humbled, obviously. I am just as motivated by the thought of all of you hungrily devouring my words as I am in dishing them into your eager mind-mouths (weird sentence, but I’ll leave it). Since the beginning, I’ve taken a stance—personally, not ubiquitously—against being a writer who writes for himself. Yes, writing is a therapeutic process, but so is keeping a journal, or scrapbooking. I’m interested in neither of those things. I want to write for a living. I want to take what I see in the world—the good, the vile, the beautiful, the hideous—and create a shared experience of perception. I could not imagine myself being anything but a storyteller. Which is why I am beside myself, and a little teary, at the realization that being a writer just might work for me.

I could not have done this alone. I would never have survived without a village of people supporting, encouraging and nudging me onward. And while many of these supporters I personally know, just as many are obscured in the shadows. I’m talking about the silent readers, the quiet folks who aren’t so obvious in their support. I want those people to know that they are just as important to my dream, to our dream of sharing in stories together, as all those to whom I can put a name and a face.

Thank you, everyone, for believing in me. I will strive to keep you delighted, horrified and entertained until the day I die. I respond to nearly every piece of reader mail that I receive, or comment on the blog. If you’d like to reach out, I’m here. Also, don’t hesitate to share you reader experience on Amazon, GoodReads, Twitter, or anywhere else that you like to congregate online or in the physical world. This year, my greatest wish is to hear from many, many more of you reading in the shadows. Together, we can introduce more travellers to the world of Geadhain and make Morigan and the Wolf’s story one of the grandest tales ever told. Thank you for dreaming with, and believing in me.

All my love,