Together, Into the Dark

Sadness and hate…I won’t recap—we all know the news. I won’t feel helpless, though. I’ll shine my little light in my little corner of the internet and hope that it brightens the darkness elsewhere. Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of poetry. I think that’s because the fragmented but flowing nature of a poem best fits the fluctuations between hope and fear that I have for the future. However, like the characters in my stories, I hold onto hope more than ready for surrender into darkness. I guess that’s how this piece came about while flipping through a week(s) of terrible headlines. This is the last that I’ll comment on current events for a while, I’ll be focusing on Geadhain and its problems in the coming weeks. Sometimes, even authors need to escape more than they already do. xoxo


Together, Into the Dark

A candle

Meekest flame

Breath of soul

Weaving, as the thread between us

Brittle thing, to see

But strongest magic to hold

Forged of blood, bone,

Time, stone

And so much rage

Strip away the hissing doubt

to see the light

to defy, cast out

—the fear

Which hides

In you, I, he, she

From burbling stream,

to bearded tree

Spirit has only the form,

To which our minds have chained

Its grace

Remember what our pride cannot

Follow the flame

Follow the naked path

Toward the sound,

of ancient drums

A gash of rock

Blue agony of the sky


The thunderous voice—our voice

Spin beneath

Her almighty sigh

Christened in rain

Baptized by the storm

Awake from the ancient memory

And know we were born

To love

To unite

To kindle the lights

That make us what we are:



All my love,