We Have an Ending…

by  Christian A. Brown  |  December 4, 2016  |     No Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an ending. Five years, three decades of fantasizing and imagineering (almost four decades–yikes, I’m getting old!), and the War of Wars has been concluded. I still have a couple hundred pages of “fallout”–can’t just have a massive war and not show the after-effects of that chaos. I’m sure my inbox would be brimming with hate-mail if I just wrote the War of Wars, then a few pages of wrap-up and a The End. I wouldn’t do that, though, these characters have so much life and I have too much respect for them and for my readers to not close this chapter of Geadhain’s saga with a proper ending.

For those of you who’ve already devoured Chaos, here’s the release schedule for the final book: a few months of drafting (at least two drafts), which I hope to have done by March, then three rounds of editing, some proof reads, and early reviewers. Quite a bit to keep me busy. The book is ginormous. Since it’s so large, I keep thinking that it should be split into two volumes, though I’m torn on where that split would occur, as well as having it ruin the whole “Four Feasts” thing. Four and half? Fourish? Eh, I’ll figure it out. Next year, I’ll also be attempting to release another Geadhain-themed project and I’d like to have an omnibus of the series ready for Xmas 2017.

Rewinding for a sec, as far as the rest of this year goes, you may have noticed that the newsletter was delayed. The first one, with the cover reveal for Mercy, was supposed to go out in October. Unfortunately, I was having some issues with Mailchimp and the signup form didn’t quite turn out as I desired. I’m looking at having something more engaging and interactive added to the site. Probably a form with a perk for signing up, since people love perks! I may not have all of that sorted until January, given my schedule. So…I’ll be doing the cover reveal and Kindle Fire giveaway on the website in one of my posts before Xmas. (People who are part of the newsletter will have an additional giveaway unique to their subscription in 2017.)

Speaking of all things Kindle…Feast of Fates has been marked down to $0.99 for the month of December. If your friends haven’t read the series yet, now’s the perfect time to bite! Get your loved ones the gift of wonder, horror and adventure!

Feast of Fates

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That’s about it for this week; more of a catchup than my usual attempts at philosophical musings. Things will be a bit light in December anyway, on account of the holidays and due to the work I need to complete before enjoying the season itself. I’ll leave you with one of Leo’s recent pieces, which you may have missed unless you follow me on Instagram. Our resident Sherlock, Talwyn, perusing a musty library with his beau. I like this piece, and may just do a side-story around it. Assuming Feast of Mercy doesn’t end in a Greek tragedy of a bloodbath…Muahaha! You’ll have to wait and see.

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