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…to the new site! First and foremost, if you’ve somehow missed my repeated media-blasting of it, feast your eyes on the animated trailer put together by the wizard (Joshua) at Mjolnir Studios and the super talented Leo Black.

I’ll be featuring each of these creatives in a Creative Collective spot before year’s end in case you’re interested in retaining their professional services (and their business links have been embedded into the website footer, too). While I’m busy plugging the wonderful people who have brought my world and dreams to life, I should again mention the recently featured Ana Santos, over at Nya Designs, who was responsible for the site you see. Our vision/goal was to have a space that was clean, functional and still packed with exploration for the user.

On that front, there’s much for you to explore! First, there’s a password-protected Members’ section, where fans or possible-fans can hang out and grab free swag! To access the Member’s section, you need only to sign up for the quarterly newsletter via the subscription banner at the bottom of the page or found on the Store (it was also featured on the ‘Coming Soon’ page before the website relaunched). Right now, in the Members’ section there are two HD wallpapers, an excerpt from the 4th book, and also the details on this quarter’s free Kindle Fire HD giveaway! Next week’s release of the long-awaited newsletter will contain an image and caption–a short visual-quiz–which you’ll need to unravel for entry into the giveaway. New content will continue to be added to the Members’ section, and as a final bit of swag you can download Feast of Fates for free in Kindle or .pdf format.

(Please note that the password for the Members’ section will change each quarter, and new passwords will be found in subsequent newsletters. So if you want to continue to receive free swag and opportunities to win prizes, you must continue to subscribe.)

Once you’ve signed yourselves up and claimed your quarterly allocation of pirate-booty, check out the new, interactive glossary that Ana worked so hard to put together in the World section (with subpages on characters, places, and series’ synopsis). Sliders and images of all your favorite (or not-so-favorite) rogues, realms and mysteries abound. We may add animated backgrounds to those pages, but I’d like to hear from you folks about the general responsiveness of the site first, since a smooth browsing experience was key in the redesign.

Also worth investigating is the new Creative Collective section. It’s an initiative I started this year simply on the premise of doing good, being positive and thus inviting that energy back into my own life. The results have been bountiful and inspiring: I’m meeting so many incredible artists and creators, and enriching my spirit and knowledge from these connections. Part of my career now is dedicated to honoring those relationships by enshrining the works of these creatives on site.

Exploring is always more fun than having a tour guide, I feel, so that’s it from me! Have a poke around your new hangout and let me know what you think (please let me know if you encounter any dead links or errors, too). I’ll leave you at the main portal from where you can wander at whim: christianadrianbrown.com.

Thank you for dreaming with and believing in me.

All my love,


One of my favorite stills from the trailer: the deepest realm in Pandemonia to which Morigan and her fellows will go to unseat the dark forces threatening their world…The Scar.


  1. Rachel Mcilwrath on May 30, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    Fantastic,you have all done a great job.loved the trailer love that work art work and Christian you know what a big fan of your books I am.

    • Christian A. Brown on May 30, 2017 at 9:34 pm

      I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face: it’s the fans that keep me going. And you’re the first that ever reached out to me–at a time when I really was drowning in doubt, too. Feels like it’s been years since we made contact. I’ll never forget your encouragement or support. Next time I’m in the UK we’re going for a beer! (Which could be within the next year, as I have some research to do on a side-project between arcs…)

  2. Rachel Mcilwrath on May 30, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    Art work even,x

    • Christian A. Brown on May 30, 2017 at 9:31 pm

      Hehe! I used my moderator magic to correct the comment 🙂

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