Four Feasts till Darkness is an expansive and complex work—even I lose track of things without my notes! It would be unreasonable, then, to expect perfect recall from my readers. To that end, I set one of my dear editors—Kyla—to scribbling down all the important bits of the story. Here you are: a refresher of the events of Geadhain’s Great War leading up to Feast of Darkness, Part I.


When first entering the world of Geadhain, we encounter a realm of magical smoke and metaphysical mirrors reflecting the darkest and lightest that its inhabitants have to offer. But as the pages of Feast of Fates turn, a deeper understanding of this mystical realm emerges, one that parallels the universalisms found in our own very real experiences in this world. It is a world unlike any other, where science and magic form a mysterious force known as technomagik. It is a land borne of a Green Mother earth, but ruled by the wills—both conscious and unconscious—of kings and queens that wreak havoc on their world. But there comes a time where even a mother must teach her children the hard way, even if it pains her. And so Feast of Fates sees the start of the Green Mother’s tough love, depriving them of her protection for the anguish they have brought to her with their violence; it is the world’s inhabitants alone who can save themselves.

In Feast of Dreams, we are greeted by the Three Sisters of fate who reveal that despite their best plans, the threads of fate have been broken, and by none other than our own Hunters of Fate: Morigan, Caenith, Mouse, Thackery, and Vortigern. We join the pack as they venture through the land of the Untamed, deeper into the protracted quagmire of a great war.

Having partially lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding Morigan’s place in the universe as a Daughter of Fate, the mysteries of the Black Queen, and even the dark revelation that Caenith’s father is none other than Brutus, the stage is set in Feast of Chaos for our travelers to go beyond illusions and visions, to facing their foes up close. Still, as a blood moon rises over Geadhain, worries grow that Morigan might not live up to the savior status the Sisters have bestowed upon her. A shadow of hate is overtaking the realm, its gloom affecting even the impermeable willpower of the Sisters Three.

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