Happy Canada Day—and Other Tidings

Happy Canada day, to those of you celebrating. I won’t keep you from your long weekend festivities beyond a few announcements. Most important of which: Feast of Darkness, Part I will be released on September 25th, 2018. I wanted to release it on my birthday, since the conclusion of the series coinciding with my turning forty has twice the significance. However, I’m not so gauche as to try something celebratory on a day when many of our neighbours to the south are mourning (September 11th). My partner’s birthday, September 25th, is deserving of this honour; he’s been supporting my career from the beginning—when it was that ‘can I actually do this?’ hobby.

So that’s the big news! And to further the festiveness the entire series will be deeply discounted, ranging from free to $0.99 over the next few weeks. If you’ve been pestering a friend—and I hope you have—to check out FFTD, now’s the time for them to take the plunge into a world of fantasy, intrigue, heroism and horror. For a limited time, Feast of Fates is currently free on Kindle on Amazon (all regions). Expect more excerpts, announcements and even a special giveaway as we near the date.

Thank you all for reading and for taking this journey with me. You folks really have been my inspiration and motivation during some really grim times.

All my love,