A World Gone Mad

Coronavirus has affected more than our financial well-being, the side effects of a pandemic include: mania, hostility, aggression and some of the worst behaviour proliferated only when we’re at our most scared and vulnerable.

I was talking about this with a friend of mine the other day, how the rampaging toilet-paper locusts were a prelude to a larger wave of fear, doubt, and misbehaviour as people—mostly jobless and without outlets for their time and attention—gave in to the darkest of human impulses. Don’t get me wrong, trying times bring out the best in people, too. But saintliness is less salacious than venality and as a result, slides under the radar far too often. Gone or buried are the feel-good stories about nurses, public servants, and incredulous recoveries from CV-19, and taking the forefront of our headlines are tales of panic, crime, and rebellious gatherings mobilized by fear.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be vigilant or prepared or scared. We should be all of those things. We should be questioning the incipience of this virus, which some believe—and antibodies are proving—was on our shores long before the WHO informed us after China informed them. Once the pandemic settles that will be the time for investigations and questions. For now, we just need to stay home, or at least limit our social gatherings to highly infrequent and necessary contacts only. Perhaps use this time to pick up a hobby, or rediscover one you’ve lost. The Devil makes use of idle hands, and there are more idle hands at the moment than at any other in recent history.

Don’t allow your energy to contribute to negativity. Try and find love and comfort in your home, family, and self. We can emerge from this pandemic in one of two ways: smarter, stronger, bolder, and more secure in what we need for our countries and selves, or, biting, snarling and furious that we had to endure a prolonged period of self-isolation. And for that matter: is it self-isolation or self-reflection? Which term your mind leans toward tells you something about your perspectives.

All my love,

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