Auld Lang Syne

Well, that’s a wrap—almost. Another 365 days gone, goals achieved, failed or postponed. All in all I’d consider 2017 a personal (not politicial) success. My highs: completing the Four Feasts till Darkness saga, marching and speaking on the news, adopting a new animal companion, gaining tons of exposure for my work, and connecting with loads of fans, friends and new creators. I’ll be doing a specific retrospective on Creative Collective, but that project was definitely one of my biggest successes. Likewise, I’m quite proud of the new website and trailer, the latter of which you can check out below!

The lows? Well, I’d rather not focus too much on those, though I suppose a short recap is in order. Even the most accomplished year will have its downs: the loss of a dear animal companion, an oral cancer scare, and a government audit were my oh shit moments.

You can’t have the good without the bad, though, so don’t even try. Don’t beat yourself up about your failures, either (don’t wallow, at least—a little self-depreciation is normal). The only way to move in life is forward, and you just keep moving for as long as you can until the hand of the Creator makes you stop. I’m moving forward into 2018 with that  gusto. I hope to bring you not one, but two books next year. As well, Leo and I will be working on a lighter project together—but I can’t say much on that for now. I also have my first public reading, and if you’re in the Toronto area, you should swing by and check it out. I’ll post details on that soon.

So, as we raise our glasses tonight, know that I’m toasting with you—to a year where the happy outshines the sad. See you in 2018. Xoxo

All my love,


P.S. To start off the New Year right, here’s a present! The cover art for Feast of Darkness, Part II.