CAB Fit: No Gym, No Problem!

My prepared blog was thrown into the queue this week, given the escalation of events surrounding Covid-19.

Just yesterday, our expansive and extraordinary fitness facility was closed for obvious reasons. If those reasons aren’t obvious to you: gyms are melting pots for bacteria, viruses and contagious conditions. It was the right call, even though myself and other residents were disappointed. Still, not one to be deterred, I rallied my spirits, grabbed the weights and chin-up bar out of my closet and got on with it. Telling ourselves we can’t do something simply because reality throws us for a loop is the worst kind of procrastination and reinforces our limiting beliefs—you’ll hear more on that term soon in the blog I was supposed to post today! (You’ll see it next week, end of the world notwithstanding.)

If you’re struggling with motivation or activity without access to your regular facility; or even considering a program of basic exercise, this video may help.


All my love,