Cancel Twitter

It’s always good to add context to a hyperbolic-sounding post. If you’ve been following the Twittersphere lately—Trump’s usual rants, Rose McGowan’s dismal and embarrassing rebuke of his policy; Ricky Gervais’s poking of the Hollywood Elite’s hornets nest and their snivelling retorts—you’d find a lot to occupy your time. Although, all this stuff leaks over into online news so you don’t need to involve yourself in these issues beyond peripheral gazing. Still, even sifting through this nonsense takes our time. Which is the issue with social media: it consumes our hours, our life-force, really, and we only have so much of either in us to give. Take a moment and count how many minutes, or hours, you dedicate of your day to aimless internet meandering and then multiply that by three hundred and sixty five and if you come up with a number of cumulative hours greater than constitutes a week, then you probably have an issue—as so many of us do. That’s a week of your life. Gone.

A couple months ago I’d decided that I’d had enough of all this stolen time and I started killing off the most virulent strains of social media, such as Twitter. For a more in-depth explanation on why, watch the below (and don’t forget to like and subscribe!):