Creative Collective, Year In Review

What started as a curiosity to force myself to read the work other writers (due a commitment of time that I’m poor at allotting—not a lack of interest) turned into a project that reached beyond my wildest expectations. Eleven amazing artists, and not only writers, but creatives of all kinds were showcased last year. For this annum, we have an even more diverse selection of creatives: authors (of course!), crafters, beat poets and extraordinary individuals expressing themselves through art.

But before we get to this year’s lineup, let’s reflect, and revisit everyone who contributed to 2017’s showcase. I strongly urge you to check out each post and each artist’s links to see what they’ve been up to. Creatives rarely sit still and there are new releases and projects you’ve surely missed!

We started 2017 with a bang! A mashup of Science Fiction, romance and fantasy that was utterly unputdownable once I finally had the time (quite recently) to finish it off, Book One of The Covalent Series by Libby Doyle. In February and March we were dazzled by the works of two exceptional visual artists. First, the whimsical storytelling and imagery of Lilly Higgs in Hollow, a Webcomic. Then we experienced the epic and fantastical portraiture of Suzanne van Pelt! After that, we dove right back into the literary world of the supernatural and strange with the City of Ghosts by J.H. Moncrieff. Wrapping up the year’s first half, we had a nail-biting excerpt from the Lady of Suspense herself, Julie Frayn, from Pocketful of Bones (that and Covalent were two of my favourite reads this year).

Featured in the fall, was the design savvy of Nya Designs, who coded this entire site from the ground up. When I had the characters of Geadhain so masterfully inked on my arm and leg, I knew that I had to feature my artist: George Chestak. Of course, my all time favourite artist, who has brought so many of my creations to life on canvas, Leo Black, had a featurette—especially given his hand in creating additional frames and animations for the Four Feasts till Darkness series trailer. Joshua Ezell, multimedia mixer and arrange extraordinaire who composed said trailer rightly deserved a mention and creative collective feature, too. Two other gentlemen closed off submissions for the year. My enormously talented penpal and friend from afar, Simon J. Cambridge; for that we had a grand and baroque snippet from his Land of the First series. And finally, David Antrobus, editor and king of the short, suspenseful (often apocalyptic) weave finished December on an appropriately chilling note, given the season.

I feel blessed beyond belief to have encountered—even digitally—such a host of talented and exceptional people. That’s the point of Creative Collective, though, exposure to new mediums, ideas and art. Even if everything you’ve seen and read isn’t to your fancy, at least you (and I) have been brought into the mind and reflections of another creative soul. Here’s to new thoughts, feelings and creations in 2018!

All my love,