Happy February

Here we are, half way through another month, getting closer and closer to the release of Feast of Darkness, Part I, and I’ve found myself reminiscing a lot about the path that has taken me this far. I wouldn’t have made it past even the first year without friends, family and fans, three of which had birthdays this month. Because of distance and logistics, I wasn’t able to celebrate with any of them, however, I wanted to give something back, and so I did what I feel I do best, I wrote. For Brandon, Mindy and Rachael:

A sleeping prince

Another dragon slayed

A hundred knights rallied

An ancient treasure

Under cobwebbed ruin, laid

Perhaps the sweetest tale to tuck you in at night

Perhaps a nightmare to page,

that keeps you red-eyed from fright

A wonder, a horror, your darkest delight

These are the measures

These are the woes

Of those who would scribe,

your heroes and foes

And they want not for coin,

Nor your fawning admiration

Many do it for love,

Of words, folk or nation

Some do it to commune

To a world that can’t see

The glimmering presences within they, she and he

At the end of one’s life,

When that last page is closed

Look back on their stories,

which are their most real and unreal selves

And know that their ghost

Sits on your shelves

—Christian A. Brown, 2018


Other than my poetry I have a few things to offer these three special readers/ friends/ fans and all the lovers of Geadhain. There’s a sale on all three books going on right now, as well as an offer for a free Kindle (I love giving those away—the world needs more readers!). I don’t do these promos too often, so now’s a good time to snap up all three books super cheap, and possibly a Kindle; or to encourage your friends to do the same! Lastly and mostly, to every one of my readers and fans, I want to thank you, once again, for taking a trip to Geadhain with me. I have many, many more worlds in store for you, and I hope you’re all around to read about them.

All my love,