Happy Hundredth!

…Review, that is! I’m not celebrating my centarianship—though I certainly hope to one day. In the four years since Feast of Fates has launched, I’ve been blessed with a tremendously kind, growing readership. I mean, perseverance is the key to success and I’ve hung in there—though so have many of you while waiting the past two years for these last two books. It’s a devotion that saw a surprising many of you snap up the latest book: propelling Feast of Darkness, Part I into the top 100 in its category! I’ve never had such a successful launch, and I owe it all to my readers.

Back to that review I’d mentioned! It seems I’ve digressed from my topic of the day, and I wanted to extend a personal thanks to the gentleman who dropped a glowing five star Amazon review on the eve of my launch of Feast of Darkness, Part I. It was especially heartwarming and serendipitous, and you can read it all here:

My 100th!

It appears that this gent is an author, too, and if you’re as curious as I was about his work, this is what I was able to find on Amazon matching his name. As you well know, I support and encourage my fellow wordsmiths, so I grabbed his first book this morning, which I’ll settle in to read once my next draft is done. (If you happen to be reading this, Russel, please confirm the above link—and reach out further for a Creative Collective spot.)

All in all, I had a terrific week and a fantastic launch, none of which would have been possible without my amazing fans and readers. I’m running out of thank yous, so I’ll keep honouring your respects with further tales of Geadhain and other worlds. Hopefully, I’ll hit that magic 100 number in age one day, and what a litany we’ll have made, together.

All my love,