Hidden Heroes

As I’ve said before: accolades on social media are easy to come by and easy to give.

There’s an effortlessness to encouragement, a watering down and simplification of sentiments where we can just post, retweet or share something without thought or—often—consequence. With that in mind, I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding the Covid-19 response. The messaging is mostly the same: stay the fuck home, and give thanks to the people on the frontlines. I take no issue with either of these sentiments. For once, people seem to be cheering the right causes for the right reasons. Still, there are so many other heroes in this pandemic who are unseen and unrecognized.

My partner, for example, and the team of civil servants he works with, who have been working 14 day or more work “weeks”. The grocery store clerk. The Instacart delivery person. The person still working the gas pumps. These are the people holding our society together. A lot of them are working because they have to—both protected by ‘essential’ jobs and in fear of going to work or infecting themselves or another.

When we come out of this, which we will, I want you to remember these people—in addition to the more obvious contributions of doctors, nurses and PSWs. Every cog in the machine of essential services is important. Each one of these people has contributed to abeying the fall of society. When we come out of this, I want you to recognize these people in their day to day functions. Smile at the clerk. Wish the gas station attendant a good day. Remember what they did for us and judge them not only for what you believe they should be doing in that moment.

I hope that we emerge from this event as a kinder, humbler species. I believe we can.

All my love,


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