Idle Hands

During my ‘downtime’ between novels, I usually recuperate my mental resources and focus on other activities for a while: exercise, meditation, reading, gaming (which I find relaxing—escapism into someone else’s world for a change!). I don’t brainstorm or begin new manuscripts, since I can only focus on one world at a time. Although, as I’ve become more efficient at the process of producing and editing novels, I find these stretches longer and drier, and the wait for my editors and proofers to return the manuscript to me excruciatingly long.

To that end, I’ve been cooking up ideas on how to better use my time. Time, which is the only commodity of any importance, and which I feel I often waste. As mentioned above and elsewhere, I’m an avid gamer. I love the visual and auditory immersion into lore and story that these experiences provide. I find video games and a lot of their surrounding media inspiring for my own work. Indeed, I think my history with the medium has allowed me to paint such vivid scenes with my words.

So I’d like to announce that I’ll soon be streaming a couple of times a week, as well as posting reviews, commentary and other video game related media to my YouTube account. Feel free to play along, follow, comment and suggest further content you’d like me to explore (in gaming media). In the near future, you can also expect an update to the site with an added section for that content, specifically. And please don’t worry that this will in any way affect my prolificness when it comes to writing. I throw myself 110% into my manuscripts, and I’d like something more to divert my energy toward rather than just letting some of that creativity trickle away.

My first video should be up in a couple of weeks: a review of ESO’s Summerset chapter. Beyond that, you can expect further updates to my gaming media and media commentary, as gaming isn’t my only secondary passion. Fitness, lifestyle and continued support of other artists through Creative Collective will continue and expand in new ways. (Re: Creative Collective. That project was temporarily put on hold for a few months while Feast of Darkness, Part I was being polished—but we’re back on track soon).

I hope that you’ll join me on this latest journey into realms of the digital and strange.

All my love,